Saving and Loading Your Progressions

1. When Signing In, check the box for 'Stay Logged In'. Otherwise, each time you have to sign in again a unique url suffix would be generated for your session; work from previous sessions would not load.

2. When copying urls for storage, the encrypted url suffix (everything after .php) should be deleted so the urls can be used in later sessions. The easiest storage would be to save your song's list of urls to a Notepad Document (on your desktop).

3. Our custom Hotkeys setup allows the urls to be automatically trimmed, copied, and pasted into any notepad document you have open. The process is to copy the urls of the song in the correct sequence into the document leaving a space between each Url Event. Likewise, the progression can be manually or automatically loaded by pasting the events into the browser in succession.

4. In addition to staying logged in and frequently storing your progressions, you can set your browser to always Restore Previous Session. The browser will usually be able to recall several open tabs along with the seperate browsing history of each. This would allow you to keep working on several songs at once, without having to load them for each session.

5. To keep your active song projects well organized and readily available, you could use one brand of web browser exclusively for Modal-Surf, and a different one for all your other internet activity. That is another reason we recommend downloading Waterfox and trying our Sample Surf Session.