Various Recommended Add-Ons:

  • USB Foot Pedal to Control Chord Changes

    The Single-Pedal Version is the minimum recommended. Once the software is installed, set to [ browser forward ] in order to play freely along with your progression. The Three-Pedals can be set to also [ control + tab ] in order to switch loops, and [ letter b ] to restart loops.

  • Use Wav-Pad to Change Drum Tempo

    We use Wav-Pad from NCH Software for a lot of our sound prep. You can use it for free for some things including changing tempos of our drum-loops. Download our loops and open them in Wav-Pad. Under Effects is a menu for Speed.

  • Download Ear-Trumpet for Windows to Mix Volumes

    This handy free app will allow you to balance the volume between the Wav-Pad's Drums and the Chords of your Progressions. Once installed, you will find it in the hidden items of your taskbar.

  • Use OBS to Document Your Ideas (Audio & Video)

    Open Broadcaster Software is free and can be set to record your web-browser sessions (audio & video) as well as simultaneously mix in sound from your audio interface.